Back when I was about eight years old I started getting into video games mostly on the Super Nintendo and the Gameboy, which I played all of the time even in low lighting (which is probably why my vision’s not what it used to be). My family even played video games, we’d play four player games and that would be our nightly entertainment. Competition was fierce so naturally I got really into gaming, but over the years life gets in the way and I haven’t had the time or desire to play much. It takes a very good game to get me back into vegetating in front of the TV controller in hand.
Forza Motorsports 3

Forza Motorsports 3

Halo 3 got me to buy an Xbox 360 and break my loyalty to Sony’s PlayStation consoles that I had grown attached to mostly due to the fact that Gran Tursimo, the greatest racing simulator ever created was only available on their platform. But now Gran Turismo is not the sole hyper-realistic racing game out there. Turn 10’s Forza Motorsports was a hit on the original Xbox, then even better in the second edition which debuted on the Xbox 360. These were the answer to Gran Turismo, and a very good one at that, offering extremely detailed graphics, physics (which include damage), as well as nearly limitless upgrades. Both games level out about even with one having some things the other does and vice-versa, but now with Forza Motorsports 3 beating Gran Turismo 5 to the shelves and the high number of Xbox’s in houses versus PS3’s Forza may get to wear the crown by itself for a while.  

While I still have yet to part with my $59.99 plus tax for the game it is definitely on my radar pinging the “want” impulse every time I walk past the electronics section. I have played the download-able trial version already and highly enjoyed it. The in car view is greatly detailed and gives the truest perspective I’ve ever experienced in a game before. Driving a GT3 Porsche with all of the assists off (because that’s how real men race) its a blast to feel actually feel the torque reaching the rear end and the surge of a downshift in the controller. Car behaviors are all unique and I can only image they are all dead on… imagining because I don’t know a time that I’ve actually driven an Audi R8 before. The combination of the expected racing simulator dynamics along and beautifully rendered scenery & cars along with the advanced level of customization and community interaction will make any car enthusiast take an interest in this third rendition of Forza.

Here are a couple screen shots of Forza Motorsports 3 that I found online:

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